martedì 7 agosto 2018

ANGST 5th anniversary shirt is now up for preorder. 

To purchase, please visit 

Dirty white design screenprinted on black Gildan tees. It won’t be for sale next : no overruns, no distro, no repress. Just a way to ‘celebrate’ the first five years of madness with true friends and allies. All funds will be reinvested in the huge pigpile of forthcoming releases. Preorder stops on August 23. Tees will go into production right after. 
Thanks in advance for your support. 

mercoledì 4 luglio 2018

Huge thanks to everyone who ordered in the past few days for the overwhelming support to the new batch.  
Most copies of all 4 tapes are gone already, a bunch of tees still left.   

Please visit to purchase.   

I’m currently packing all orders and will start mailing them this weekend.  
Thanks again.

giovedì 28 giugno 2018

A new batch is out today. 4 tapes + 4 shirts.


New offering from the living legend Aaron Aspinwall (The Repos, Charles Bronson, Infectants, VAAULTS… come on, you know him)
Psych ripping americanoise from Grand Rapids. Total fucking misery. Red tapes in red cases. Comes with an extra insert.

NO DREAMS - Constant Vitriol - c64

Omar Gonzalez is a crucial figure for modern american noise and experimental music. Constant Vitriol has been in the making for years and possibly gathers No Dreams strongest material to date.  His trademark masterful touch with crude loops and manipulated field recordings is always there, while malaise just seemed to increase. Momentum faded to nil. Comes with two extra inserts.

UNSUSTAINABLE SOCIAL CONDITION - Unsustainable Social Condition with Wood and Metal - c22

Heavy noise from Oxen Rec’s mastermind Matt Purse. I mean truly heavy. Ted Byrnes and Charlie Mumma (Unexamine, Kira, Sissy Spaceck) providing percussions sources. Loosened violence, kill-crazy rampage. Comes with an extra insert.

BREATHING PROBLEM - Mattress On The Floor - c60 + zine

True crime power electronics cult unit brainchild of Rusty Kelley (Total Abuse, BPP, and countless other quality noise ugliness) - at the time sole member behind it, now also involving Emelia McKey. Mattress on the Floor was originally released in 2009 and is both a study / nightmare about violent sexual fantasies leading to obsession, Wesley Allan Dodd, Dennis Rader, sadistic impulses, self destruction and ultimately, madness. Deluxe reissue featuring two extra tracks - one of them as Interior One, BP doppelgänger entity also consisting of Rusty & Emelia. Comes with a 20 pages zine in a ziplock bag.

To purchase please visit

Any questions



giovedì 22 giugno 2017

ANGST new batch is finally ready. 7 tapes out today:

Harness ‎– Mass Culture Isolation [c20]
Legless / Being - split tape [c40]
Body Stress ‎– A Welcomed Perversion [c20]
Secular Identity ‎– Holding Hands [c22]
Scald Hymn ‎– Trembled Solace [c20]
Moisture Discipline ‎– Elimination/Wasteland [c-33]
Infektionsabteilung / To Mankind - split tape [c40]

Harness ‎– Mass Culture Isolation [c20]

Another brilliant document from Harness, quite simply one of the best things happening right now to me.  Collaboration between Luke Tandy (Being, Skeleton Dust) and Shane Church (Hostage Pageant, Amnesia Program), focusing on magnetic collapse and delicate cryptic tension. Decrepit, meticulous electronics leaving a trail of desolate reverberation.  
Comes with an extra insert. Edition of 75.  
Co-released in conspiracy with the venerable Narcolepsia. 

Secular Identity ‎– Holding Hands [c22]

Diseased power electronics about hateful crimes from Jacob Dubois (mastermind behind the excellent Bacteria Field label). Emotionally wounded, unsettling in the cruelest way.  
Comes with two extra inserts. Edition of 50.

Scald Hymn ‎– Trembled Solace [c20]

Harsh noise collage from Western Mass, panic attacks as sources. Frantic pain on magnetic tape. 
Comes with an extra insert. Edition of 50.

Legless / Being - split tape [c40]

Two contemporary americanoise heavy hitters doing what they do best : subjugate your trendy eardrums with sheer quality harshness. Not for the cocktail ‘noise’ posers. 
Comes with an extra insert. Edition of 60.

Moisture Discipline ‎– Elimination / Wasteland [c-33]

White hot 90s infusions of crunching tape abuse turmoil pushed to the brink, excellent grasp, pulsating and beautifully rotten layers from this canadian project. Not to be missed. 
Red tapes in red cases. Comes with an extra insert. Edition of 50.

Body Stress ‎– A Welcomed Perversion [c20]

New gash from Copenhagen reeking cheap sex misery-driven detestation in scorched outbursts. Another vital and exciting chapter clearly displaying Moral Defeat master’s main project getting nastier and better. 
Comes with an extra insert. Edition of 50.

Infektionsabteilung / To Mankind - split tape [c40]

More desolate sanatorium electronics offerings from these two obscure italian acts. Crude haunting dirges dealing with loss and depression and plagued by the omnipresent shadow of death. Meltdown of decaying european industrial, necrotic Slaughter Prod reminiscences and kosmische musik. 
Comes with two extra inserts. Edition of 47.

All tapes dubbed in real time.

Some excerpts here
more will come soon, some won’t 

ALSO,  limited quantities available of 

PHURPA - Gdansk' - 2xCS [C-50 + C-70]

Rituals of Bon. Gdansk, Poland, 07. 06. 2014.
This long awaited double cassette for the russian masters has finally materialized just few months ago after being endlessly postponed due to manic mastering work, multiple duplication delays and more. It was meant to be officially announced with a spring batch that melted into summer but most copies went silently away, almost immediately, to closest friends and associates. Which in a way seemed quite appropriate since its very nature. All remaining ones are now ready to be shipped, so please don’t sleep on this if you’re interested. No repress. 
In conspiracy w/ Vasopressin. Comes with an extra cardboard card.


Thanks for the ongoing support, 

lunedì 24 aprile 2017

Extremely happy to also announce that a new Harness tape titled ''Mass Culture Isolation'' will be out very soon on ANGST, in conspiracy with the venerable Narcolepsia. And that it obviously sounds beautiful. 

giovedì 27 ottobre 2016

Angst update / autumn 2o16. A new batch is out today. 
7 tapes from Sunken Cheek, Kjostad, Concrete Mascara, Krube., Himukalt,
Culture of Death and Umgreifende are now available.

Info / orders:
Thank you.

SUNKEN CHEEK  - Without Rejection [c-3o]

Rather prolific year for Sunken Cheek (Ithaca / NY) _ Weston Czerkies [also owner of the Prime Ruin label and involved in a handful of quality collaborations] has been perfecting his misery electronics since 2011 thru several releases (both on tape and wax) and the result is apparently gleaming more than ever. 
This work gathers two long compositions of pure harrowing  beauty completely drenched in dismal, based on a skillful combination of raw loops, crusty amplified metals, tapes, downhearted synths. Perfectly built tension that will finally collapse in sheer despair.  Fierce bitterness replaces empathy. 

HIMUKALT - See One Dark Eye [c-4o]

The girl from Nevada is back again.  Those who fell in love with her last winter as the debut tape came out won’t be disappointed _ Her fascinating obsessive touch is still there, but this second effort  sounds even more oppressive, carnal and focused. 
7 new intimate photos unveiling convulsive anxieties in minimal yet rich textures.
Mechanical rugged industrial, oscillators cold showers, her voice.
Self-inflicted rituals. A body that wants to connect. A psyche that fucks it all up. 

KJOSTAD - Evinrude [c-2o]

High-gain tape collage from Stefan Aune [New Forces label, Breaking The Will, Action/Discipline, Heat Signature].
Lakewater churning against an aluminum bottom. 

CONCRETE MASCARA - Caustic Realities [c-3o]

Back with a vengeance. This infamous US devastation unit delivers 4 lethal new tracks, perfectly balanced between brain-bludgeoning, hateful PE and cruel brooding industrial tones. Destructive feelings, shallow impulses, bleak visions. Lurking danger.

KRUBE. - Untitled [c-32]

Masterfully conducted loops / music concrete from Berlinese artist Alexander Schneider.  Brutal side A and trademark acoustic obsessiveness on side B.

CULTURE OF DEATH -  Dispelled Leisure [c-3o]

New emanation from this obscure and highly promising act, after some previous outputs on Weight of Ages, Mazurka Editions, Caprice & Necessity. 
Crumpled debris, blurred out dialogues, blown-up field recordings, tapes, crunch. Expertly refined but equally sour and degraded aural manipulations. Distrust.


Second document from Rome’s ugly suburbs, eclipsing your positivity once again with two sidelong offerings, roughly one year after their debut tape. Immaterial streams and amplified details in the awe of final perdition. 

giovedì 26 maggio 2016

                             Spring batch is out. 4 new tapes available :

[ANGST_4o] K2 – Food Fascism [C-55]

Japanese noise hero 公秀草深 [Kimihide Kusafuka] is one true master of abrasive audio that any dedicated harshhead will be familiar with. Since the early 80s, he released some genre top-classics (mainly through his own Kinky Music Institute label) collaborating with people such as Incapacitants, MSBR, The New Blockaders, The Haters and countless others. In these new recordings, junk electronics, feedback system and MTR conjure an insalubrious, damaged psychedelic vortex in two acts.

Black tape, norelco case, pro printed j card + extra insert
Edition of 70 

[ANGST_41] Venta Protesix – Burusera Shop Maniac / Live at Ochiai Soup, Tokyo [C-40, S/Side]

In the red live recording that shows a much cruder side of this pinku-obsessed maniac from southern italy. Heavily neurotic / sexually frustrated crashing blasts inferno, used panties for sale, and japanese screams. Nothing more. 

White tape, norelco case, pro printed j card + extra insert 
Edition of 50 

[ANGST_42] Deceiver – All We Are Is Worm Feed [C-20]

Nasty and minimalistic crumbling noise from Matt Goodrich of Water Torture fame. Slow cancerous evolutions, foul pulsations in grainy textures. Utterly hopeless sound of damaged lives and rotting flesh in 6 new chapters. 

Black tape, norelco case, pro printed j card + extra insert

Edition of 60.

[ANGST_43] Developer – #43 [C-20]

Full force of contemporary US Harsh Noise underbelly, Matthew Reis delivers more perfectly crafted cut-ups with a dark and subtle psych feel in two sick new tracks of anxiety outbursts and druggy removed dreams.

Black tape, norelco case, pro printed j card + extra insert
Edition of 60.

Orders / inquiries:

lunedì 29 febbraio 2016

 February 2o16.  3 new tapes out now.



ANGST_36 : Facialmess – Market Discipline [c-2o]

"They not only pollute the air / They pollute our minds / They're destroying the earth and destroying mankind / Polluted minds kill mankind / They don't give a shit / Long as profits are high / They don't give a shit if people die / Polluted minds kill mankind." 
Black tape in standard case with pro-printed j-card.
Edition of 6o.  

ANGST_37 : Climax Denial – Have You Died [c-3o]

It's not a question. Surreal narrative lunacy. Can you spot the secret observer? 
Eight very catchy little numbers you'll love to remember.  
Black tape in standard case with pro-printed j-card.
Edition of 7o.


ANGST_38 : Feberdröm – To Fetter Ghosts Of Atrocities [c-4o]

Gothenburg's bad blood at its finest and an old favorite in here since the early efforts on Utmarken and Järtecknet. "To Fetter Ghosts Of Atrocities" continues Feberdröm's long running fixation on death as an unavoidable part of human existence. 
The majority of the recording was done in the summer of 2015 while working night shift at a nursing home. To some, summer is the season of death, and people were either dying like flies or hovering on the edge of life. Nights were filled with anxiety and slow decline; organs failing, the last breath and postmortem changes. This suffocating environment ultimately became the main inspiration for the release. Crude electronics, rhythms and layers of synthesizers and, for the first time, also vocals. 
One of Feberdröm's most focused and bleakest works so far. 
Black tape in standard case, pro-printed j-card and extra xeroxed insert. 
Edition of 6o. 


sabato 28 novembre 2015

Two new tapes out today

[ANGST_34] Burial Hex - Assumption / Ascension 

For over a decade now, Burial Hex, the eponymous maestro of Horror Electronics, has offered us a confounding glimpse into the dark night of the soul. On this powerful offering, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Clay Ruby and cellist Angela McJunkin gracefully weave through a shocking juxtaposition of kosmische neo-classical and power electronics. In an attempt to depict the mysteries of the Assumption and Ascension, Burial Hex makes a harrowing musical journey that ultimately culminates in a peaceful resolution with a very uncharacteristic piece of monastic folk pastorale. 

c-35, black tape. 
Edition of 73

 [ANGST_35] Cassandra - Claustrofobia 

Second tape for this rome-based act, following the first effort "E/E" (2o13) and the collective "Aktion#1" tape (2o14) _ alongside autocancrena / Negativeself / A Happy Death. / Irs.  

3 hellish new tracks offering a blend of death-concrete/ritual noise of total malevolence.  

c-3o black tape, folded in a black and white A3 poster

Edition of 66  

Co-directed by ANGST+ Diazepam


lunedì 23 novembre 2015

some winter tapes out next days + more on their way

very last copies of back catalogue

sabato 10 ottobre 2015

A couple of weeks ago we released and started spreading the new batch, but once again, due to recording trips and various life-dragging delays still had to write about it.

4 new tapes are out and as usual you can order them writing at

                        [ANGST_29] Unexamine - Roessler, K. - c-3o

Solid noise act from Portland consisting of Charlie Mumma (Sissy Spacek, Kira, Surplus Killing, Antropofago Ateo label) + Danny Costa (Rohit, Cost/Worth, L'Acephale, Nux Vomica) with a fair share of tapes and 7'' on A.A., Heavy Psych, Worthless, Chondritic Sound, Oxen, etc. In the red dense and dynamic harsh noise, brainbombing crusty rumblings, tape saturation fucking heaven bliss. Featuring / mastered by Brent / HHL (also in Kira with Charlie - tape on ANGST coming up for them as well)
+ also featuring Danny Propert / Legless. Chrome tapes.

[ANGST_3o] Skin Graft - Subterrane - c-32

No introduction needed for Cleveland's finest. Wyatt Howland keeps painting his personal, blacked, dismal vision with another great mood-changing tape.
Two long untitled tracks of junk metal crunching / bashing, sonic debris from conscience's darkest corners, unrelenting wrath, meditative discomfort, overall tension. Chrome tapes.

[ANGST_31] Wish For Skin - Measured Absence - c-2o

Wish For Skin is Erik Brown from Massachusetts, that also works as Scald Hymn and Streiber and in Under Nylon [track down also his previous efforts on Unseen Force, Bacteria Field, Summer Isle, and his own Love is the law tape label]. We're happy that this work puts an end to a moment of hiatus of the project, and that Erik crafted for us two awesome long rugged tracks of stripped down, painfully emotive PE. Uneasy haunting moods, chocking screams of despair drenched in muffled / crispy noises.
50 copies on chrome cassettes. Artwork has two different xerox blends, on same hi quality paper (25 of each were made).

[ANGST_32] Umgreifende - s/t - c-2o

New duo based in rome,  two tracks captured and mixed live on a 4 track tape recorder. Transcendent concrète musique, murky feel.
Pieces of microtonal / detuned guitars, burman bells, analogue synths rumblings, treated tapes of ritual hindu / persian music and field recordings, hisses, delirium pannings, amplified objects / metals, as much as all the silence inbetween them.

martedì 25 agosto 2015

we've been constantly working on many new tapes during summertime, 
four of them will be out in late september:

[ANGST_29] Unexamine - Roessler, K. - c-3o
[ANGST_3o] Skin Graft - Subterrane - c-32
[ANGST_31] Wish For Skin - Measured Absence - c-2o
Umgreifende - s/t - c-2o

for further information :

mercoledì 22 luglio 2015

The last 4o days or so have been too busy and various live / studio activities dragged us away from home / net and properly announcing the latest analogue breed from ANGST - even if part of it circulated anyway among some contacts, friends, and sodality - so :

6 long-desired new tapes are ready to reach you - They took a lot of time to be worked and endlessy refined, but now they're here and just like we wanted them to be.

[ANGST_27] N. - Born to die - c5o 
[ANGST_26] N. - s/t - c45
[ANGST_25] Raven - Warganism - c4o
[ANGST_24] Shesha De Naga - Jai Mata Kali - c4o
[ANGST_22] Francisco Meirino & Dave Phillips - Uglyography - c4o 
[ANGST_14] Zona Industriale - IZ - c6o

As usual, you can get them writing at ► 

No summer, no holidays, no life, no remorse.

martedì 7 luglio 2015

- CP1 / Al-Azif - 2xcs : 
available for preorder

The first two tapes of the legendary esoteric / ritual italian cult act of the 8os, faithfully reproduced, finally available again _ housed in a black box, strictly limited to 93 handnumbered copies. A good part of them is already reserved : for ordering / details write to  

lunedì 4 maggio 2015

First part of the spring batch is ready.
Four new tapes are out.

A Happy Death. / To Mankind - Nil. - c5o [ANGST]

Delayed since forever for every sort of trouble - as every proper damned release demands - the split tape between A Happy Death. and To Mankind went finally out in the cruelest month.
Both projects are based in Italy and offer some kind of death industrial noise with several similarities in feelings / sounds / attitude / hatred. Debut effort for To Mankind [formerly Cruel Cadaver Exquis, also gtr player in crust/d-beat band Polis Äckel] and new pollution from A Happy Death. [also involved with Malastrana, Campomorto, Maldoror's Dog, Degrado, etc] following few other tapes shared with Shiver, Negativeself, autocancrena and some collaborations. 3 tracks each, recorded and mixed between 2o13 and 2o14. Ultra-negatively charged filthy electronics. Amp crashes, layers of various junk and dying synths, tape saturation folding sad atmospheric landscapes of concrete discontent. Unpleasant views, constant anxiety, increasing lack of meaning. An intimate examination of the void left from emotiveness slowly turned into pain and detachment due to cold brutality of everyday horror. Featuring Mauro S. [Shiver / Deprivation / Diazepam tapes] providing some more despair with his extra synth in the opening track. Comes in standard j-case with collage inlay + 3 extra cardboard cards. 7o black / hand-scratched c-5o.


Campomorto - s/t - c4o [ANGST / Scorze]

Campomorto is a collaboration unit between autocancrena and A Happy Death.  
The first self titled tape is out now, co_produced by both members' labels _  Scorze Records + ANGST . 3 tracks, nearly 4o minutes of desolation from this discomforting swamp. Amplified ritual metals / objects, Microkorg, field recordings, broken tapes.  
The swamp is still here to us. Self isolated noise influenced by old italian and swedish postmortem disarray. 

Recorded and processed by A. + L. at Cursed Christ studio during 2o14. 

66 pro dubbed black tapes, pro printed inlay and an extra cardboard card.

No excerpts.

LCB / Wertham - Contempt - c5o [ANGST]

"Contempt", a brand new release that is both a collaboration and a split between Tuscany's acclaimed extreme noise LE COSE BIANCHE, and WERTHAM, since two decades, Lombardy's supplier of antisocial electronics. LCB delivers 4 tracks in its personal style, featuring highly saturated sounds and Italian shouted manic vocals
WERTHAM trade mark full-frontal analog aggression, vocal wreckage and explicit samples. Furthermore, thee tape is completed by two collaboration tracks blending both styles together. As the title suggests, "Contempt" includes 10 hymns for the socially impaired, focusing on obsessions, disabilities, phobias, predatory instincts and good-old antisocial tendencies.
c-5o, comes in black and white J-Card illustrated by Marco Deplano.

Excerpts from all tracks :

Vomir / Nascitari ‎- Sameness  - c6o  [ANGST / Signora Ward]

No particular introduction needed.
Vomir (fr) and Nascitari (it) are two of the few real masters of hnw . Together with The Rita, Ramirez and very few others, among those still delivering quality releases with personal research /  concepts (or no concepts) . Among those that spent years and years of true morbid obsession on sound,  leading each one to an unmistakable touch .

On our tape they join forces in two long slabs of total void and bleak crackling slow motion transcendence, for an hour of pure noise bliss.
9o copies


mercoledì 18 marzo 2015

Malastrana is a newborn collaboration between A Happy Death. + Cassandra and we have couple of gigs together with very special friends, next week.