venerdì 24 novembre 2023

 Hi all,

November batch is out, 8 new tapes from Parassitismo, Shiver, Khmer Noir, Magia Nuda, Cría Cuervos, Room Ov Pleasure, Depravar And Flagellatio Orgasmus plus Shiver and Khmer Noir shirts are available now.

To check out each single release and order, please visit:

As usual, my sincere thanks to anyone that will show any support.  

Several exciting new tapes are in the making already and some of them will be announced quite soon.  

See you in 2024.


venerdì 1 settembre 2023

Angst ten year anniversary shirt now available for preorder.  

The label has recently turned ten, and again I thought it would be fun to kind of celebrate it with friends.  

The forthcoming batch is not very far off either, if the two things should overlap and ship altogether, any extra shipping cost calculated at checkout on double orders will be refunded, as usual.  

Thanks for all the support so far! 


sabato 13 maggio 2023


UNEXAMINE - Waxed in Venom C-30 

VIOLENT SHOGUN - Disgrace to the corpse of Yukio Mishima - C-35 

PSYCHWARD - Institutionalised (Extended) - C-32 




NIT - Dysphoria Ultra - C-30

plus new shirts 

Very excited to finally unleash what is definitely one of my favorite Angst batches so far, delayed for months and months due to multiple mess ups of the former factory with some of the titles.Also added to the store some selected distro items including my final copies of the amazing Jukka Siikala book on the JNN imprint.


Thanks in advance for any support.


venerdì 13 maggio 2022

TERROR CELL UNIT - "DEATH TO OAKLAND'' C-60 The long awaited colossal return of the most legendary modern power electronics duo. "This isn't my goodbye This isn't my farewell This is your earth scorched''  The death of Oakland, the rebirth of Terror Cell Unit.  Comes with a 16 page booklet housed in a clear vinyl case.   

MICHAEL BERDAN - NEGATIVE SELF APPRAISAL C-23 New solo work by Michael Berdan (vocalist for Drunkdriver, Veins, Uniform... Deep Red etc) - four tracks of feel-nothing sounds to die a little more every day to. Cold surgical power electronics for fans of Joe D'Amato, Slaughter Productions, 80s supernatural horror.    Comes with an extra insert.   

 Two new shirts are available as well.  


giovedì 23 dicembre 2021

 Hi all, 

winter batch is out today, six new tapes by ELISHA MORNINGSTARDONA FERENTESSEWER SYSTEMHATTIFNATTARAUTOCANCRENA and R / L  (plus an EM shirt) available now.  

ELISHA MORNINGSTAR - Nuovo Spazio Logico C-20 

Elisha Morningstar (Francesco Tignola, also running Joy De Vivre cassettes) is pretty simply one of my favorite noise projects and the best kept secret of contemporary ''italian noise'' underground. A more than welcomed return to dense harsh noise textures with an underlying subtle saudade. 

White tapes in white cases. Dubbed loud 1:1 in real time for maximum pleasure.

DONA FERENTES "Intoxications'' C-23 

Bare-bone unfiltered desolation from the cold north, courtesy of the lone hero / researcher / postman / map reader / mountain huts enthusiast behind Lonktaar label... a true and reserved legend of the italian underground in its ''purest'' form. 

Five crude & morose tracks composed with tape loop recorders, contact mic, Akai 1722W 2-tracks reel to reel, rubbish and slosh... no effects.

SEWER SYSTEM “The Deifipoliticization of Anthropogenocidalism”  C-12

Harsh noisecore delirium from the legendary Charlie Mumma (Unexamine, Sissy Spacek) here aided by Andrew Hinton of Vile Gash, with additional contributions by Gordon Ashworth. Mastered by Nolan Throop (Kakerlak).

HATTIFNATTAR ''Noise Multipliers'' C-30

While working on a Violent Shogun cassette we've been planning to release for long time (now ready for dubbing, and absolutely worth the wait) the ever great Rémi sent me some home recordings for a new project that he had just started, quite different from all the other stuff he does, to listen to. I did, and loved it, so we quickly decided to put out both tapes. Slow and murky harsh noise, no distortion pedals, lots of ambience and atmosphere, aptly referred as Hattifnattar. It reminded me a lot of old grim nocturnal sweden landscapes, specifically Gothenburg Blood Cult, even more specifically the never enough revered Vårtgård ... although not really sounding the same. No Hattifnattar portrayed in the artwork, so you can do your thing. Mastered by the master wizard Grant Richardson.

AUTOCANCRENA - Morbida quiete C-40

Autocancrena returns to Angst for the fifth time with its most ambitious and best release to date. The project, now based in the UK, was spawned 12 years ago from the highly insalubrious environment of the swamps on the outskirts of Rome, but definitely had very little in common with the ''scene'' of the nearby city. Unsatisfied, cultivating its isolation and otherness, drawing inspiration from old italian industrial and north european postmortem, it quickly developed its personal language and very specific visions and obsessions. No hype, no cheap googled autopsy pics, but not much shiny italian sun either. Conceived during an endless journey through Southeast Asia, for a very long time in the making, Morbida Quiete is an effective exploration of recursive stillness and stagnation of the soul achieved through manipulation of ritual sounds, tape loops and raw electronics.

R / L  "Retail" C-20 

Debut tape. Old school postmortem noise unit consisting of Mauro Sciaccaluga (Diazepam) and Antonio Olivieri (Angst). Tape loops, scrap metal and modular synths focused on lust gone really sour. White tape in norelco case inside a black ziplock bag with 4 joyful extra inserts. Released in conspiracy with Diazepam.


Thanks in advance for your support.

mercoledì 24 febbraio 2021


After a long hiatus due to the apocalypse, production delays and much more, I'm very happy to finally announce a new batch gathering some of the titles I've been working on and constantly refining for more than a year now. I'm truly pleased with the result and I think it offers amazing new material from all artists involved.

7 new tapes from BACILLUS, COST, SCATHING, SPRING BREAK / STRAIGHT PANIC, VULGAR DISEASE, SECTS and ROTAT plus 2 new shirts now available at

COST - KOS - c40 + zine

Wonderful bad trip by Daniel Costa (Unexamine, Rohit etc) - stellar follow-up to his tape on Dead Gods. Claustrophobic hallucinatory street smut. 

Comes with a 28-page xerox art zine in a ziplock bag.

SCATHING ‎- Ousted In A Bloody Coup - c20

Scathing is at the forefront of contemporary harsh noise and hellbent on pushing things further at each release dosing solid craft, passionate execution and sheer audial ferocity. Ousted In A Bloody Coup is a heavy barrage with so much going on, a joyful maelstrom of crunch, grit + rumble, an ear pleasing deathride. This is Texas.

BACILLUS ‎"Quarantined" c30

Inspired by the quarantine imposed upon the citizens of Monrovia by the Liberian government during the massive Ebola outbreak of 2014, it was unsuccessful in containing the pandemic because people even during extreme circumstances do not like to be contained and controlled by the government. 

Cut-up, broken-down, festering, and unruly diseased harsh noise, this the soundtrack to a failed public health system and societal collapse. The first copies also come with an additional A3 xeroxed poster.

SECTS - In Heels - c23

Rhode Island bleak electronics. 


Chilling new work from this genius / madman. Fucked up Finnish madness at its absolute best. 

SPRING BREAK / STRAIGHT PANIC - Lancelot, dismissed from duty - c28

Two highly personal contemporary PE acts, no easy tricks. 

Some of the finest recordings from both. Cruel and haunting.

VULGAR DISEASE ‎"Sinless Conceived" c52

Sexualized audio vileness from Mexico.


Thanks in advance for your time and support,


giovedì 7 novembre 2019

Hi everyone,  fall batch is out today: 

6 new tapes by HERETIC GRAIL, CIRCUIT WOUND, COLD CLIMAX, HYMENAL OPENING, MASKHEAD and CRACKED SLIT, plus a book by the exceedingly talented chilean artist IGOR RUZ, plus 3 shirts are now available at   

This has been by far the most challenging batch until now, and it's the result of about 7 months of non stop 1:1 dubbing, printing, refining... huge delays, endless tests etc. but i think was worth it, and i hope everyone will enjoy it too.   

Thanks in advance for your support as usual, 

lunedì 8 aprile 2019

ANGST spring batch is out now.

New tapes and shirts from WORTH, LEGLESS, SCUM and MATERIAL BODY DYSFUNCTION available. 

WORTH - Pompeii Treatment - c20

When Worth rears his ugly head, you know it will be no frills / mind blowing - sleazy American Harsh Noise excellence. Following masterpieces such as Blood Possessed and the Blinder LP,  Pompeii Treatment delivers two new flamboyant schizoid ejaculations of druggy and heavily textured fried electronics, all churned out with genius, hate & bliss how just Will can execute. Total favorite. 
Yellow tape in yellow norelco case. Comes with an extra insert.

LEGLESS - Residual Damage - c40

Disillusioned with boring modern noise trends? At home with yourself drinking cheap beers while cranking MSNP tapes on a saturday night? Rejoice, this one is for you loners! US hero Legless brings you another unhealthy dose of his supreme muddy / fuck everything - 90s harsh noise sleaze. Primitive, autistic, brain melting.
Total dedication to the wrong side. But if you’re familiar with Danny’s output you probably already worship his stuff.  Black tape, standard norelco case. Comes with an extra insert.

SCUM - Feelings of Hate - c20

Deranged beast from Japan, feeding the flame of its glorious tradition and delivering true cut up harsh noise mastery. 
Merciless bursts and drills in a thoroughly developed narration. 
Transparent red tape, black norelco case. Comes with an extra insert.

MBD - s / t - c15

Murky and damaged feel bad electronics from Cincinnati, OH. 
Industrial waste elements, variated and detailed progressions,  a sense of loneliness and nocturnal dread. 

Transparent blue tape, black norelco case. Comes with an extra insert.


venerdì 21 dicembre 2018

ANGST winter update 

New tapes and shirts by PHOCOMELUS, BLIND DATE, PLOUGHSHARE and FOILED available.

BLIND DATE - Last Seen Walking into the Woods - C20

New blood from NYC.  Among the finest americanoise purveyors of last couple years, Blind Date is quickly becoming an absolute favourite for the serious harshheads, and for very good reasons. “Last Seen Walking into the Woods” offers two more sidelong tracks, echoing vhs stacks of 80s sleaziest movies and showing off expertly dosed dynamics and textures. High on pleasure / saturation - scummy noise feast, refined composition, dirt hot static & fuck-you-all-crunch, right up with the the greats. Further evidence of how fresh this stuff can still sound to this day when ideas, knowledge, skills and attitude are all in the right places. RIP young noise artists + your beats + cocktails. Dubbed loud as ever in real time for maximum enjoyment. 

PHOCOMELUS - Jail Bait Freak Show - C20

Aural onslaught of the highest order from the legendary Patrick O’Neil of Skin Crime / Self Abuse fame. 
An hellish assault based on minimal details, repetition and subtle movements themed around child abduction and sordid undersides. 

FOILED - Zero Hits - C50

59 mean spirited tracks blending harsh noise, in the red powerviolence, sloppy parts in a 50 minutes withdrawn. A filthy matter force fed on downers, Memphis hip hop, heavy sampling, drug culture, gangs, low life, hatred.
Discography tape for this recently disbanded sick unit gathering all released / unreleased material + 1 Crossed Out cover. 

PLOUGHSHARE - Monarch - C20

Third release from another talented fairly new name bound to get better and better, following some highly promising previous cassettes on Dead Gods and Disclosures. Midwest junk noise dealing with MK Ultra abuses. Hard panning fuckeries, thoughtful accumulation / destruction, mic’d density, gnarly scrap metal dissections flowing in a stark / rich coherent narrative. 

martedì 7 agosto 2018

ANGST 5th anniversary shirt is now up for preorder. 

To purchase, please visit 

Dirty white design screenprinted on black Gildan tees. It won’t be for sale next : no overruns, no distro, no repress. Just a way to ‘celebrate’ the first five years of madness with true friends and allies. All funds will be reinvested in the huge pigpile of forthcoming releases. Preorder stops on August 23. Tees will go into production right after. 
Thanks in advance for your support. 

mercoledì 4 luglio 2018

Huge thanks to everyone who ordered in the past few days for the overwhelming support to the new batch.  
Most copies of all 4 tapes are gone already, a bunch of tees still left.   

Please visit to purchase.   

I’m currently packing all orders and will start mailing them this weekend.  
Thanks again.

giovedì 28 giugno 2018

A new batch is out today. 4 tapes + 4 shirts.


New offering from the living legend Aaron Aspinwall (The Repos, Charles Bronson, Infectants, VAAULTS… come on, you know him)
Psych ripping americanoise from Grand Rapids. Total fucking misery. Red tapes in red cases. Comes with an extra insert.

NO DREAMS - Constant Vitriol - c64

Omar Gonzalez is a crucial figure for modern american noise and experimental music. Constant Vitriol has been in the making for years and possibly gathers No Dreams strongest material to date.  His trademark masterful touch with crude loops and manipulated field recordings is always there, while malaise just seemed to increase. Momentum faded to nil. Comes with two extra inserts.

UNSUSTAINABLE SOCIAL CONDITION - Unsustainable Social Condition with Wood and Metal - c22

Heavy noise from Oxen Rec’s mastermind Matt Purse. I mean truly heavy. Ted Byrnes and Charlie Mumma (Unexamine, Kira, Sissy Spaceck) providing percussions sources. Loosened violence, kill-crazy rampage. Comes with an extra insert.

BREATHING PROBLEM - Mattress On The Floor - c60 + zine

True crime power electronics cult unit brainchild of Rusty Kelley (Total Abuse, BPP, and countless other quality noise ugliness) - at the time sole member behind it, now also involving Emelia McKey. Mattress on the Floor was originally released in 2009 and is both a study / nightmare about violent sexual fantasies leading to obsession, Wesley Allan Dodd, Dennis Rader, sadistic impulses, self destruction and ultimately, madness. Deluxe reissue featuring two extra tracks - one of them as Interior One, BP doppelgänger entity also consisting of Rusty & Emelia. Comes with a 20 pages zine in a ziplock bag.

To purchase please visit

Any questions



giovedì 22 giugno 2017

ANGST new batch is finally ready. 7 tapes out today:

Harness ‎– Mass Culture Isolation [c20]
Legless / Being - split tape [c40]
Body Stress ‎– A Welcomed Perversion [c20]
Secular Identity ‎– Holding Hands [c22]
Scald Hymn ‎– Trembled Solace [c20]
Moisture Discipline ‎– Elimination/Wasteland [c-33]
Infektionsabteilung / To Mankind - split tape [c40]

Harness ‎– Mass Culture Isolation [c20]

Another brilliant document from Harness, quite simply one of the best things happening right now to me.  Collaboration between Luke Tandy (Being, Skeleton Dust) and Shane Church (Hostage Pageant, Amnesia Program), focusing on magnetic collapse and delicate cryptic tension. Decrepit, meticulous electronics leaving a trail of desolate reverberation.  
Comes with an extra insert. Edition of 75.  
Co-released in conspiracy with the venerable Narcolepsia. 

Secular Identity ‎– Holding Hands [c22]

Diseased power electronics about hateful crimes from Jacob Dubois (mastermind behind the excellent Bacteria Field label). Emotionally wounded, unsettling in the cruelest way.  
Comes with two extra inserts. Edition of 50.

Scald Hymn ‎– Trembled Solace [c20]

Harsh noise collage from Western Mass, panic attacks as sources. Frantic pain on magnetic tape. 
Comes with an extra insert. Edition of 50.

Legless / Being - split tape [c40]

Two contemporary americanoise heavy hitters doing what they do best : subjugate your trendy eardrums with sheer quality harshness. Not for the cocktail ‘noise’ posers. 
Comes with an extra insert. Edition of 60.

Moisture Discipline ‎– Elimination / Wasteland [c-33]

White hot 90s infusions of crunching tape abuse turmoil pushed to the brink, excellent grasp, pulsating and beautifully rotten layers from this canadian project. Not to be missed. 
Red tapes in red cases. Comes with an extra insert. Edition of 50.

Body Stress ‎– A Welcomed Perversion [c20]

New gash from Copenhagen reeking cheap sex misery-driven detestation in scorched outbursts. Another vital and exciting chapter clearly displaying Moral Defeat master’s main project getting nastier and better. 
Comes with an extra insert. Edition of 50.

Infektionsabteilung / To Mankind - split tape [c40]

More desolate sanatorium electronics offerings from these two obscure italian acts. Crude haunting dirges dealing with loss and depression and plagued by the omnipresent shadow of death. Meltdown of decaying european industrial, necrotic Slaughter Prod reminiscences and kosmische musik. 
Comes with two extra inserts. Edition of 47.

All tapes dubbed in real time.

Some excerpts here
more will come soon, some won’t 

ALSO,  limited quantities available of 

PHURPA - Gdansk' - 2xCS [C-50 + C-70]

Rituals of Bon. Gdansk, Poland, 07. 06. 2014.
This long awaited double cassette for the russian masters has finally materialized just few months ago after being endlessly postponed due to manic mastering work, multiple duplication delays and more. It was meant to be officially announced with a spring batch that melted into summer but most copies went silently away, almost immediately, to closest friends and associates. Which in a way seemed quite appropriate since its very nature. All remaining ones are now ready to be shipped, so please don’t sleep on this if you’re interested. No repress. 
In conspiracy w/ Vasopressin. Comes with an extra cardboard card.


Thanks for the ongoing support, 

lunedì 24 aprile 2017

Extremely happy to also announce that a new Harness tape titled ''Mass Culture Isolation'' will be out very soon on ANGST, in conspiracy with the venerable Narcolepsia. And that it obviously sounds beautiful. 

giovedì 27 ottobre 2016

Angst update / autumn 2o16. A new batch is out today. 
7 tapes from Sunken Cheek, Kjostad, Concrete Mascara, Krube., Himukalt,
Culture of Death and Umgreifende are now available.

Info / orders:
Thank you.

SUNKEN CHEEK  - Without Rejection [c-3o]

Rather prolific year for Sunken Cheek (Ithaca / NY) _ Weston Czerkies [also owner of the Prime Ruin label and involved in a handful of quality collaborations] has been perfecting his misery electronics since 2011 thru several releases (both on tape and wax) and the result is apparently gleaming more than ever. 
This work gathers two long compositions of pure harrowing  beauty completely drenched in dismal, based on a skillful combination of raw loops, crusty amplified metals, tapes, downhearted synths. Perfectly built tension that will finally collapse in sheer despair.  Fierce bitterness replaces empathy. 

HIMUKALT - See One Dark Eye [c-4o]

The girl from Nevada is back again.  Those who fell in love with her last winter as the debut tape came out won’t be disappointed _ Her fascinating obsessive touch is still there, but this second effort  sounds even more oppressive, carnal and focused. 
7 new intimate photos unveiling convulsive anxieties in minimal yet rich textures.
Mechanical rugged industrial, oscillators cold showers, her voice.
Self-inflicted rituals. A body that wants to connect. A psyche that fucks it all up. 

KJOSTAD - Evinrude [c-2o]

High-gain tape collage from Stefan Aune [New Forces label, Breaking The Will, Action/Discipline, Heat Signature].
Lakewater churning against an aluminum bottom. 

CONCRETE MASCARA - Caustic Realities [c-3o]

Back with a vengeance. This infamous US devastation unit delivers 4 lethal new tracks, perfectly balanced between brain-bludgeoning, hateful PE and cruel brooding industrial tones. Destructive feelings, shallow impulses, bleak visions. Lurking danger.

KRUBE. - Untitled [c-32]

Masterfully conducted loops / music concrete from Berlinese artist Alexander Schneider.  Brutal side A and trademark acoustic obsessiveness on side B.

CULTURE OF DEATH -  Dispelled Leisure [c-3o]

New emanation from this obscure and highly promising act, after some previous outputs on Weight of Ages, Mazurka Editions, Caprice & Necessity. 
Crumpled debris, blurred out dialogues, blown-up field recordings, tapes, crunch. Expertly refined but equally sour and degraded aural manipulations. Distrust.


Second document from Rome’s ugly suburbs, eclipsing your positivity once again with two sidelong offerings, roughly one year after their debut tape. Immaterial streams and amplified details in the awe of final perdition.