martedì 30 luglio 2013

So very happy (death) to announce a new collaboration with an historical act of italian noise / death industrial / power electronics we feel very close to: N. 

The work started some time ago, and in the next months we will start repressing on tape his first unforgettable s/t effort (that originally came out in 1997 on beloved Marco Corbelli' Slaughter Productions) + "Born to die" [1999]. 

More news will follow.

domenica 21 luglio 2013

Much more ANGST is on the way.



New tape and more despair from dark rooms of Arretium :: 9 new tracks / stories from the rotten side. Possibly the best work from L.C.B. (Le Cose Bianche) - one of his finest for sure. Drooling synths, some vocal, explicit devotion to italo-industrial / power electronics bad ways, oppression, and of course, angst. Lots of it. 

Another co_operation with friend label Scorze Records run by Lorenzo / Autocancrena.  

Ltd 5o copies.  

5 euro.

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