venerdì 28 novembre 2014

lunedì 24 novembre 2014

- Working on the 13.12 ANGST crew live set for ROMA LA DRONA II
- New tapes are going to print in december.
- The upcoming list grows _ more nice surprises for early months of 2o15 will be announced asap.
- Label t-shirts are available once again. You can get a special price if you order one + 1 / more tape/s.
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This is it :

[ANGST_o9] Lyke Wake - Let The Suffering Grow Inside - c9o
[ANGST_1o] Compoundead / IRS - split tape - c4o
[ANGST_11] O'BL m.a.d.d. - Bathing In Vasts Ov Amputated Genitalia - c9o
[ANGST_12] A Happy Death./autocancrena/Cassandra/IRS/Negativeself - AktionNo1-c23
[ANGST_13] Maurizio Bianchi - Teknoise - c6o
[ANGST_15] Deprivation / autocancrena - split tape - c4o
[ANGST_17] Fäkalien - Hur Finna Glädje i Allt Detta Lidande? c4o

[ANGST_14] Zona Industriale - IZ - c6o
[ANGST_16] A Happy Death. / To Mankind - Nil. - split tape - c45
[ANGST_18] Campomorto - s/t - c4o
[ANGST_2o] The Rita - The Apex Representation of a Woman - c3o in vintage stocking
[ANGST_21] Wertham / L.C.B. - Contempt - split/collaboration tape
[ANGST_22] Francisco Meirino & Dave Phillips - Uglyography - c4o
[ANGST_23] Capricorni Pneumatici - CP1 / Al-Azif - 2xcs
[ANGST_24] Shesha De Naga - Jai Mata Kali - c4o

[ANGST_o2] M.B. / M.D.T. c6o - Restock, very last copies
[ANGST_o3] L.C.B. - Flesh post Flesh c4o - Last copies
[ANGST_o7] CASSANDRA - E/E - c3o in special box Restock, last copies
[ANGST_o8] URNA - DAKHMA - c6o - Restock, last copies
ANGST + NEGATIVESELF t-shirts [both in S + M]

[ANGST_o4] AUTOCANCRENA // A HAPPY DEATH. - Carne umana c4o
[ANGST_o5] A HAPPY DEATH. // SHIVER - split c4o
[ANGST_o6] NEGATIVESELF - s/t - c3o


lunedì 10 novembre 2014

                     OUT :   DEPRIVATION / AUTOCANCRENA - split tape

► Two of the more gifted and blackest power electronics Acts around, finally together, sharing this split tape with two amazing sides and concepts.
Rough/crusty old school sounds in 4o minutes of nihilist pollutions: total black, no way out. The eternal lie of an ideal happiness and a so-called love, that slowly destroys lives; The repeated and continuous consumption of meat as consumption of soul, exhausting and illusory daily martyrdom, anticipating an inevitable Self-annihilation.

► 99 pro-printed black tapes. Heavy paper artwork + 3 cardboard extra cards: all drenched in pure despair.

► Co_ operation between ANGST, Diazepam & Scorze Records

 6 EU + SHIPPING (Many of them are reserved, act fast.)

___________ Excerpts


domenica 2 novembre 2014

Out Tonight :

[ANGST_11] O'BL m.a.d.d. - Bathing In Vasts Ov Amputated Genitalia - c9o

1. to become decomposed; rot
2. to decline in excellence, prosperity, health, etc.; deteriorate.
3. Physics. (of a radioactive nucleus) to change spontaneously into one or more different nuclei in a process in which atomic particles, as alpha particles, are emitted from the nucleus, electrons are captured or lost, or fission takes place.

▵ An old, long transcending ritual revoking the blind deads while heading private rise from the scarlet sand _ Recorded in 2oo4 // 2oo5 and now officially released in 69 pro-printed copies with heavy paper inlay,  lovely wrapped in cardboard folder and closed in a ziplock bag .

6 EU + Shipping

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