giovedì 28 giugno 2018

A new batch is out today. 4 tapes + 4 shirts.


New offering from the living legend Aaron Aspinwall (The Repos, Charles Bronson, Infectants, VAAULTS… come on, you know him)
Psych ripping americanoise from Grand Rapids. Total fucking misery. Red tapes in red cases. Comes with an extra insert.

NO DREAMS - Constant Vitriol - c64

Omar Gonzalez is a crucial figure for modern american noise and experimental music. Constant Vitriol has been in the making for years and possibly gathers No Dreams strongest material to date.  His trademark masterful touch with crude loops and manipulated field recordings is always there, while malaise just seemed to increase. Momentum faded to nil. Comes with two extra inserts.

UNSUSTAINABLE SOCIAL CONDITION - Unsustainable Social Condition with Wood and Metal - c22

Heavy noise from Oxen Rec’s mastermind Matt Purse. I mean truly heavy. Ted Byrnes and Charlie Mumma (Unexamine, Kira, Sissy Spaceck) providing percussions sources. Loosened violence, kill-crazy rampage. Comes with an extra insert.

BREATHING PROBLEM - Mattress On The Floor - c60 + zine

True crime power electronics cult unit brainchild of Rusty Kelley (Total Abuse, BPP, and countless other quality noise ugliness) - at the time sole member behind it, now also involving Emelia McKey. Mattress on the Floor was originally released in 2009 and is both a study / nightmare about violent sexual fantasies leading to obsession, Wesley Allan Dodd, Dennis Rader, sadistic impulses, self destruction and ultimately, madness. Deluxe reissue featuring two extra tracks - one of them as Interior One, BP doppelgänger entity also consisting of Rusty & Emelia. Comes with a 20 pages zine in a ziplock bag.

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