giovedì 27 ottobre 2016

Angst update / autumn 2o16. A new batch is out today. 
7 tapes from Sunken Cheek, Kjostad, Concrete Mascara, Krube., Himukalt,
Culture of Death and Umgreifende are now available.

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SUNKEN CHEEK  - Without Rejection [c-3o]

Rather prolific year for Sunken Cheek (Ithaca / NY) _ Weston Czerkies [also owner of the Prime Ruin label and involved in a handful of quality collaborations] has been perfecting his misery electronics since 2011 thru several releases (both on tape and wax) and the result is apparently gleaming more than ever. 
This work gathers two long compositions of pure harrowing  beauty completely drenched in dismal, based on a skillful combination of raw loops, crusty amplified metals, tapes, downhearted synths. Perfectly built tension that will finally collapse in sheer despair.  Fierce bitterness replaces empathy. 

HIMUKALT - See One Dark Eye [c-4o]

The girl from Nevada is back again.  Those who fell in love with her last winter as the debut tape came out won’t be disappointed _ Her fascinating obsessive touch is still there, but this second effort  sounds even more oppressive, carnal and focused. 
7 new intimate photos unveiling convulsive anxieties in minimal yet rich textures.
Mechanical rugged industrial, oscillators cold showers, her voice.
Self-inflicted rituals. A body that wants to connect. A psyche that fucks it all up. 

KJOSTAD - Evinrude [c-2o]

High-gain tape collage from Stefan Aune [New Forces label, Breaking The Will, Action/Discipline, Heat Signature].
Lakewater churning against an aluminum bottom. 

CONCRETE MASCARA - Caustic Realities [c-3o]

Back with a vengeance. This infamous US devastation unit delivers 4 lethal new tracks, perfectly balanced between brain-bludgeoning, hateful PE and cruel brooding industrial tones. Destructive feelings, shallow impulses, bleak visions. Lurking danger.

KRUBE. - Untitled [c-32]

Masterfully conducted loops / music concrete from Berlinese artist Alexander Schneider.  Brutal side A and trademark acoustic obsessiveness on side B.

CULTURE OF DEATH -  Dispelled Leisure [c-3o]

New emanation from this obscure and highly promising act, after some previous outputs on Weight of Ages, Mazurka Editions, Caprice & Necessity. 
Crumpled debris, blurred out dialogues, blown-up field recordings, tapes, crunch. Expertly refined but equally sour and degraded aural manipulations. Distrust.


Second document from Rome’s ugly suburbs, eclipsing your positivity once again with two sidelong offerings, roughly one year after their debut tape. Immaterial streams and amplified details in the awe of final perdition. 

giovedì 26 maggio 2016

                             Spring batch is out. 4 new tapes available :

[ANGST_4o] K2 – Food Fascism [C-55]

Japanese noise hero 公秀草深 [Kimihide Kusafuka] is one true master of abrasive audio that any dedicated harshhead will be familiar with. Since the early 80s, he released some genre top-classics (mainly through his own Kinky Music Institute label) collaborating with people such as Incapacitants, MSBR, The New Blockaders, The Haters and countless others. In these new recordings, junk electronics, feedback system and MTR conjure an insalubrious, damaged psychedelic vortex in two acts.

Black tape, norelco case, pro printed j card + extra insert
Edition of 70 

[ANGST_41] Venta Protesix – Burusera Shop Maniac / Live at Ochiai Soup, Tokyo [C-40, S/Side]

In the red live recording that shows a much cruder side of this pinku-obsessed maniac from southern italy. Heavily neurotic / sexually frustrated crashing blasts inferno, used panties for sale, and japanese screams. Nothing more. 

White tape, norelco case, pro printed j card + extra insert 
Edition of 50 

[ANGST_42] Deceiver – All We Are Is Worm Feed [C-20]

Nasty and minimalistic crumbling noise from Matt Goodrich of Water Torture fame. Slow cancerous evolutions, foul pulsations in grainy textures. Utterly hopeless sound of damaged lives and rotting flesh in 6 new chapters. 

Black tape, norelco case, pro printed j card + extra insert

Edition of 60.

[ANGST_43] Developer – #43 [C-20]

Full force of contemporary US Harsh Noise underbelly, Matthew Reis delivers more perfectly crafted cut-ups with a dark and subtle psych feel in two sick new tracks of anxiety outbursts and druggy removed dreams.

Black tape, norelco case, pro printed j card + extra insert
Edition of 60.

Orders / inquiries:

lunedì 29 febbraio 2016

 February 2o16.  3 new tapes out now.



ANGST_36 : Facialmess – Market Discipline [c-2o]

"They not only pollute the air / They pollute our minds / They're destroying the earth and destroying mankind / Polluted minds kill mankind / They don't give a shit / Long as profits are high / They don't give a shit if people die / Polluted minds kill mankind." 
Black tape in standard case with pro-printed j-card.
Edition of 6o.  

ANGST_37 : Climax Denial – Have You Died [c-3o]

It's not a question. Surreal narrative lunacy. Can you spot the secret observer? 
Eight very catchy little numbers you'll love to remember.  
Black tape in standard case with pro-printed j-card.
Edition of 7o.


ANGST_38 : Feberdröm – To Fetter Ghosts Of Atrocities [c-4o]

Gothenburg's bad blood at its finest and an old favorite in here since the early efforts on Utmarken and Järtecknet. "To Fetter Ghosts Of Atrocities" continues Feberdröm's long running fixation on death as an unavoidable part of human existence. 
The majority of the recording was done in the summer of 2015 while working night shift at a nursing home. To some, summer is the season of death, and people were either dying like flies or hovering on the edge of life. Nights were filled with anxiety and slow decline; organs failing, the last breath and postmortem changes. This suffocating environment ultimately became the main inspiration for the release. Crude electronics, rhythms and layers of synthesizers and, for the first time, also vocals. 
One of Feberdröm's most focused and bleakest works so far. 
Black tape in standard case, pro-printed j-card and extra xeroxed insert. 
Edition of 6o.