lunedì 8 aprile 2019

ANGST spring batch is out now.

New tapes and shirts from WORTH, LEGLESS, SCUM and MATERIAL BODY DYSFUNCTION available. 

WORTH - Pompeii Treatment - c20

When Worth rears his ugly head, you know it will be no frills / mind blowing - sleazy American Harsh Noise excellence. Following masterpieces such as Blood Possessed and the Blinder LP,  Pompeii Treatment delivers two new flamboyant schizoid ejaculations of druggy and heavily textured fried electronics, all churned out with genius, hate & bliss how just Will can execute. Total favorite. 
Yellow tape in yellow norelco case. Comes with an extra insert.

LEGLESS - Residual Damage - c40

Disillusioned with boring modern noise trends? At home with yourself drinking cheap beers while cranking MSNP tapes on a saturday night? Rejoice, this one is for you loners! US hero Legless brings you another unhealthy dose of his supreme muddy / fuck everything - 90s harsh noise sleaze. Primitive, autistic, brain melting.
Total dedication to the wrong side. But if you’re familiar with Danny’s output you probably already worship his stuff.  Black tape, standard norelco case. Comes with an extra insert.

SCUM - Feelings of Hate - c20

Deranged beast from Japan, feeding the flame of its glorious tradition and delivering true cut up harsh noise mastery. 
Merciless bursts and drills in a thoroughly developed narration. 
Transparent red tape, black norelco case. Comes with an extra insert.

MBD - s / t - c15

Murky and damaged feel bad electronics from Cincinnati, OH. 
Industrial waste elements, variated and detailed progressions,  a sense of loneliness and nocturnal dread. 

Transparent blue tape, black norelco case. Comes with an extra insert.


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