venerdì 21 dicembre 2018

ANGST winter update 

New tapes and shirts by PHOCOMELUS, BLIND DATE, PLOUGHSHARE and FOILED available.

BLIND DATE - Last Seen Walking into the Woods - C20

New blood from NYC.  Among the finest americanoise purveyors of last couple years, Blind Date is quickly becoming an absolute favourite for the serious harshheads, and for very good reasons. “Last Seen Walking into the Woods” offers two more sidelong tracks, echoing vhs stacks of 80s sleaziest movies and showing off expertly dosed dynamics and textures. High on pleasure / saturation - scummy noise feast, refined composition, dirt hot static & fuck-you-all-crunch, right up with the the greats. Further evidence of how fresh this stuff can still sound to this day when ideas, knowledge, skills and attitude are all in the right places. RIP young noise artists + your beats + cocktails. Dubbed loud as ever in real time for maximum enjoyment. 

PHOCOMELUS - Jail Bait Freak Show - C20

Aural onslaught of the highest order from the legendary Patrick O’Neil of Skin Crime / Self Abuse fame. 
An hellish assault based on minimal details, repetition and subtle movements themed around child abduction and sordid undersides. 

FOILED - Zero Hits - C50

59 mean spirited tracks blending harsh noise, in the red powerviolence, sloppy parts in a 50 minutes withdrawn. A filthy matter force fed on downers, Memphis hip hop, heavy sampling, drug culture, gangs, low life, hatred.
Discography tape for this recently disbanded sick unit gathering all released / unreleased material + 1 Crossed Out cover. 

PLOUGHSHARE - Monarch - C20

Third release from another talented fairly new name bound to get better and better, following some highly promising previous cassettes on Dead Gods and Disclosures. Midwest junk noise dealing with MK Ultra abuses. Hard panning fuckeries, thoughtful accumulation / destruction, mic’d density, gnarly scrap metal dissections flowing in a stark / rich coherent narrative. 

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