venerdì 13 maggio 2022

TERROR CELL UNIT - "DEATH TO OAKLAND'' C-60 The long awaited colossal return of the most legendary modern power electronics duo. "This isn't my goodbye This isn't my farewell This is your earth scorched''  The death of Oakland, the rebirth of Terror Cell Unit.  Comes with a 16 page booklet housed in a clear vinyl case.   

MICHAEL BERDAN - NEGATIVE SELF APPRAISAL C-23 New solo work by Michael Berdan (vocalist for Drunkdriver, Veins, Uniform... Deep Red etc) - four tracks of feel-nothing sounds to die a little more every day to. Cold surgical power electronics for fans of Joe D'Amato, Slaughter Productions, 80s supernatural horror.    Comes with an extra insert.   

 Two new shirts are available as well.  


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