giovedì 23 dicembre 2021

 Hi all, 

winter batch is out today, six new tapes by ELISHA MORNINGSTARDONA FERENTESSEWER SYSTEMHATTIFNATTARAUTOCANCRENA and R / L  (plus an EM shirt) available now.  

ELISHA MORNINGSTAR - Nuovo Spazio Logico C-20 

Elisha Morningstar (Francesco Tignola, also running Joy De Vivre cassettes) is pretty simply one of my favorite noise projects and the best kept secret of contemporary ''italian noise'' underground. A more than welcomed return to dense harsh noise textures with an underlying subtle saudade. 

White tapes in white cases. Dubbed loud 1:1 in real time for maximum pleasure.

DONA FERENTES "Intoxications'' C-23 

Bare-bone unfiltered desolation from the cold north, courtesy of the lone hero / researcher / postman / map reader / mountain huts enthusiast behind Lonktaar label... a true and reserved legend of the italian underground in its ''purest'' form. 

Five crude & morose tracks composed with tape loop recorders, contact mic, Akai 1722W 2-tracks reel to reel, rubbish and slosh... no effects.

SEWER SYSTEM “The Deifipoliticization of Anthropogenocidalism”  C-12

Harsh noisecore delirium from the legendary Charlie Mumma (Unexamine, Sissy Spacek) here aided by Andrew Hinton of Vile Gash, with additional contributions by Gordon Ashworth. Mastered by Nolan Throop (Kakerlak).

HATTIFNATTAR ''Noise Multipliers'' C-30

While working on a Violent Shogun cassette we've been planning to release for long time (now ready for dubbing, and absolutely worth the wait) the ever great Rémi sent me some home recordings for a new project that he had just started, quite different from all the other stuff he does, to listen to. I did, and loved it, so we quickly decided to put out both tapes. Slow and murky harsh noise, no distortion pedals, lots of ambience and atmosphere, aptly referred as Hattifnattar. It reminded me a lot of old grim nocturnal sweden landscapes, specifically Gothenburg Blood Cult, even more specifically the never enough revered Vårtgård ... although not really sounding the same. No Hattifnattar portrayed in the artwork, so you can do your thing. Mastered by the master wizard Grant Richardson.

AUTOCANCRENA - Morbida quiete C-40

Autocancrena returns to Angst for the fifth time with its most ambitious and best release to date. The project, now based in the UK, was spawned 12 years ago from the highly insalubrious environment of the swamps on the outskirts of Rome, but definitely had very little in common with the ''scene'' of the nearby city. Unsatisfied, cultivating its isolation and otherness, drawing inspiration from old italian industrial and north european postmortem, it quickly developed its personal language and very specific visions and obsessions. No hype, no cheap googled autopsy pics, but not much shiny italian sun either. Conceived during an endless journey through Southeast Asia, for a very long time in the making, Morbida Quiete is an effective exploration of recursive stillness and stagnation of the soul achieved through manipulation of ritual sounds, tape loops and raw electronics.

R / L  "Retail" C-20 

Debut tape. Old school postmortem noise unit consisting of Mauro Sciaccaluga (Diazepam) and Antonio Olivieri (Angst). Tape loops, scrap metal and modular synths focused on lust gone really sour. White tape in norelco case inside a black ziplock bag with 4 joyful extra inserts. Released in conspiracy with Diazepam.


Thanks in advance for your support.

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