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After a long hiatus due to the apocalypse, production delays and much more, I'm very happy to finally announce a new batch gathering some of the titles I've been working on and constantly refining for more than a year now. I'm truly pleased with the result and I think it offers amazing new material from all artists involved.

7 new tapes from BACILLUS, COST, SCATHING, SPRING BREAK / STRAIGHT PANIC, VULGAR DISEASE, SECTS and ROTAT plus 2 new shirts now available at

COST - KOS - c40 + zine

Wonderful bad trip by Daniel Costa (Unexamine, Rohit etc) - stellar follow-up to his tape on Dead Gods. Claustrophobic hallucinatory street smut. 

Comes with a 28-page xerox art zine in a ziplock bag.

SCATHING ‎- Ousted In A Bloody Coup - c20

Scathing is at the forefront of contemporary harsh noise and hellbent on pushing things further at each release dosing solid craft, passionate execution and sheer audial ferocity. Ousted In A Bloody Coup is a heavy barrage with so much going on, a joyful maelstrom of crunch, grit + rumble, an ear pleasing deathride. This is Texas.

BACILLUS ‎"Quarantined" c30

Inspired by the quarantine imposed upon the citizens of Monrovia by the Liberian government during the massive Ebola outbreak of 2014, it was unsuccessful in containing the pandemic because people even during extreme circumstances do not like to be contained and controlled by the government. 

Cut-up, broken-down, festering, and unruly diseased harsh noise, this the soundtrack to a failed public health system and societal collapse. The first copies also come with an additional A3 xeroxed poster.

SECTS - In Heels - c23

Rhode Island bleak electronics. 


Chilling new work from this genius / madman. Fucked up Finnish madness at its absolute best. 

SPRING BREAK / STRAIGHT PANIC - Lancelot, dismissed from duty - c28

Two highly personal contemporary PE acts, no easy tricks. 

Some of the finest recordings from both. Cruel and haunting.

VULGAR DISEASE ‎"Sinless Conceived" c52

Sexualized audio vileness from Mexico.


Thanks in advance for your time and support,


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