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NEGATIVESELF // A HAPPY DEATH.  c6o split tape

:: The first ANGST tape is finally ready. :: 

A c6o black tape, - ltd  5o copies, - one side each  - 2 of the most radical noisers currently living / suffering in Rome/Italy.  Common feelings, projects, friendship, urges and attitude in anarchistic noise.

NEGATIVESELF is the solo noise/radical impro project of M,  gtr player in Satansbraten and Addio, already in the great (and now disbanded) HC band Desperate Living. As Negativeself he played several gigs in some squats and small clubs of rome - so far. Always thrilling local punk audience and (sometimes) police. 3 untitled tracks of emotive, violent, droning guitar despair, including his first live - aktion, recorded one year ago. The first solo-tape is already in the works and will be released from ANGST again, in a short while.
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A HAPPY DEATH. Well this is my personal noisy solo-thing so it's not easy to speak about it. Its basically death industrial/first wave p.e. with crustpunk attitude - a wave of noise, a lucid dream without borders. Filthy / throbbing feedbacks, metal junk, Crass samples, whispers and screams flow without limitations in a pure emotion : a pure raw sound, catharsis and meditation. BDN, Korpses Katatonik, Atrax Morgue, MB, LXSS are some of those that helped/increased my pain, at the time. 4 untitled tracks here. A few more splits will follow very soon, [the first one will be a split tape with Autocancrena dedicated to PPP] then the first 2 solo works.
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This tape is made in co__operation w/ beloved friend-label SUICIDE AUTOPRODUZIONI 
Ltd to 5o handnumbered copies -  comes in a folder with two bigger cards and a tape inlay.
The cost is 6 Eu.

Order now if you're interested - many of them are gone -
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