venerdì 12 aprile 2013

ANGST is a DIY noisy label and mailorder based in italy. Born in spring 2o13 after the end Sometimes Records - underground label that released a few reissues of out-of-print historical punk/wave/noisy stuff  [Starfuckers, Detonazione, T.A.C. and Rivolta dell'Odio amongst the others]. The intent of the new label is to keep the same passion-driven approach and focus on even more radical and crude sounds/expressions from noise/industrial/ritual/experimental music to anarcho-punk/crust/political raw hc, and everything sincere enough to please our ears and bodies. Ltd hand numbered editions of tapes and LPs are in the works, the first two almost out. 

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  1. hello from Barcelona, my name is sergi and i do 3 musical webs and a noise project. i give you the links... maybe you like it.

    see you later friends!!