giovedì 27 ottobre 2016

Angst update / autumn 2o16. A new batch is out today. 
7 tapes from Sunken Cheek, Kjostad, Concrete Mascara, Krube., Himukalt,
Culture of Death and Umgreifende are now available.

Info / orders:
Thank you.

SUNKEN CHEEK  - Without Rejection [c-3o]

Rather prolific year for Sunken Cheek (Ithaca / NY) _ Weston Czerkies [also owner of the Prime Ruin label and involved in a handful of quality collaborations] has been perfecting his misery electronics since 2011 thru several releases (both on tape and wax) and the result is apparently gleaming more than ever. 
This work gathers two long compositions of pure harrowing  beauty completely drenched in dismal, based on a skillful combination of raw loops, crusty amplified metals, tapes, downhearted synths. Perfectly built tension that will finally collapse in sheer despair.  Fierce bitterness replaces empathy. 

HIMUKALT - See One Dark Eye [c-4o]

The girl from Nevada is back again.  Those who fell in love with her last winter as the debut tape came out won’t be disappointed _ Her fascinating obsessive touch is still there, but this second effort  sounds even more oppressive, carnal and focused. 
7 new intimate photos unveiling convulsive anxieties in minimal yet rich textures.
Mechanical rugged industrial, oscillators cold showers, her voice.
Self-inflicted rituals. A body that wants to connect. A psyche that fucks it all up. 

KJOSTAD - Evinrude [c-2o]

High-gain tape collage from Stefan Aune [New Forces label, Breaking The Will, Action/Discipline, Heat Signature].
Lakewater churning against an aluminum bottom. 

CONCRETE MASCARA - Caustic Realities [c-3o]

Back with a vengeance. This infamous US devastation unit delivers 4 lethal new tracks, perfectly balanced between brain-bludgeoning, hateful PE and cruel brooding industrial tones. Destructive feelings, shallow impulses, bleak visions. Lurking danger.

KRUBE. - Untitled [c-32]

Masterfully conducted loops / music concrete from Berlinese artist Alexander Schneider.  Brutal side A and trademark acoustic obsessiveness on side B.

CULTURE OF DEATH -  Dispelled Leisure [c-3o]

New emanation from this obscure and highly promising act, after some previous outputs on Weight of Ages, Mazurka Editions, Caprice & Necessity. 
Crumpled debris, blurred out dialogues, blown-up field recordings, tapes, crunch. Expertly refined but equally sour and degraded aural manipulations. Distrust.


Second document from Rome’s ugly suburbs, eclipsing your positivity once again with two sidelong offerings, roughly one year after their debut tape. Immaterial streams and amplified details in the awe of final perdition. 

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