sabato 10 ottobre 2015

A couple of weeks ago we released and started spreading the new batch, but once again, due to recording trips and various life-dragging delays still had to write about it.

4 new tapes are out and as usual you can order them writing at

                        [ANGST_29] Unexamine - Roessler, K. - c-3o

Solid noise act from Portland consisting of Charlie Mumma (Sissy Spacek, Kira, Surplus Killing, Antropofago Ateo label) + Danny Costa (Rohit, Cost/Worth, L'Acephale, Nux Vomica) with a fair share of tapes and 7'' on A.A., Heavy Psych, Worthless, Chondritic Sound, Oxen, etc. In the red dense and dynamic harsh noise, brainbombing crusty rumblings, tape saturation fucking heaven bliss. Featuring / mastered by Brent / HHL (also in Kira with Charlie - tape on ANGST coming up for them as well)
+ also featuring Danny Propert / Legless. Chrome tapes.

[ANGST_3o] Skin Graft - Subterrane - c-32

No introduction needed for Cleveland's finest. Wyatt Howland keeps painting his personal, blacked, dismal vision with another great mood-changing tape.
Two long untitled tracks of junk metal crunching / bashing, sonic debris from conscience's darkest corners, unrelenting wrath, meditative discomfort, overall tension. Chrome tapes.

[ANGST_31] Wish For Skin - Measured Absence - c-2o

Wish For Skin is Erik Brown from Massachusetts, that also works as Scald Hymn and Streiber and in Under Nylon [track down also his previous efforts on Unseen Force, Bacteria Field, Summer Isle, and his own Love is the law tape label]. We're happy that this work puts an end to a moment of hiatus of the project, and that Erik crafted for us two awesome long rugged tracks of stripped down, painfully emotive PE. Uneasy haunting moods, chocking screams of despair drenched in muffled / crispy noises.
50 copies on chrome cassettes. Artwork has two different xerox blends, on same hi quality paper (25 of each were made).

[ANGST_32] Umgreifende - s/t - c-2o

New duo based in rome,  two tracks captured and mixed live on a 4 track tape recorder. Transcendent concrète musique, murky feel.
Pieces of microtonal / detuned guitars, burman bells, analogue synths rumblings, treated tapes of ritual hindu / persian music and field recordings, hisses, delirium pannings, amplified objects / metals, as much as all the silence inbetween them.

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