mercoledì 22 luglio 2015

The last 4o days or so have been too busy and various live / studio activities dragged us away from home / net and properly announcing the latest analogue breed from ANGST - even if part of it circulated anyway among some contacts, friends, and sodality - so :

6 long-desired new tapes are ready to reach you - They took a lot of time to be worked and endlessy refined, but now they're here and just like we wanted them to be.

[ANGST_27] N. - Born to die - c5o 
[ANGST_26] N. - s/t - c45
[ANGST_25] Raven - Warganism - c4o
[ANGST_24] Shesha De Naga - Jai Mata Kali - c4o
[ANGST_22] Francisco Meirino & Dave Phillips - Uglyography - c4o 
[ANGST_14] Zona Industriale - IZ - c6o

As usual, you can get them writing at ► 

No summer, no holidays, no life, no remorse.

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