lunedì 4 maggio 2015

First part of the spring batch is ready.
Four new tapes are out.

A Happy Death. / To Mankind - Nil. - c5o [ANGST]

Delayed since forever for every sort of trouble - as every proper damned release demands - the split tape between A Happy Death. and To Mankind went finally out in the cruelest month.
Both projects are based in Italy and offer some kind of death industrial noise with several similarities in feelings / sounds / attitude / hatred. Debut effort for To Mankind [formerly Cruel Cadaver Exquis, also gtr player in crust/d-beat band Polis Äckel] and new pollution from A Happy Death. [also involved with Malastrana, Campomorto, Maldoror's Dog, Degrado, etc] following few other tapes shared with Shiver, Negativeself, autocancrena and some collaborations. 3 tracks each, recorded and mixed between 2o13 and 2o14. Ultra-negatively charged filthy electronics. Amp crashes, layers of various junk and dying synths, tape saturation folding sad atmospheric landscapes of concrete discontent. Unpleasant views, constant anxiety, increasing lack of meaning. An intimate examination of the void left from emotiveness slowly turned into pain and detachment due to cold brutality of everyday horror. Featuring Mauro S. [Shiver / Deprivation / Diazepam tapes] providing some more despair with his extra synth in the opening track. Comes in standard j-case with collage inlay + 3 extra cardboard cards. 7o black / hand-scratched c-5o.


Campomorto - s/t - c4o [ANGST / Scorze]

Campomorto is a collaboration unit between autocancrena and A Happy Death.  
The first self titled tape is out now, co_produced by both members' labels _  Scorze Records + ANGST . 3 tracks, nearly 4o minutes of desolation from this discomforting swamp. Amplified ritual metals / objects, Microkorg, field recordings, broken tapes.  
The swamp is still here to us. Self isolated noise influenced by old italian and swedish postmortem disarray. 

Recorded and processed by A. + L. at Cursed Christ studio during 2o14. 

66 pro dubbed black tapes, pro printed inlay and an extra cardboard card.

No excerpts.

LCB / Wertham - Contempt - c5o [ANGST]

"Contempt", a brand new release that is both a collaboration and a split between Tuscany's acclaimed extreme noise LE COSE BIANCHE, and WERTHAM, since two decades, Lombardy's supplier of antisocial electronics. LCB delivers 4 tracks in its personal style, featuring highly saturated sounds and Italian shouted manic vocals
WERTHAM trade mark full-frontal analog aggression, vocal wreckage and explicit samples. Furthermore, thee tape is completed by two collaboration tracks blending both styles together. As the title suggests, "Contempt" includes 10 hymns for the socially impaired, focusing on obsessions, disabilities, phobias, predatory instincts and good-old antisocial tendencies.
c-5o, comes in black and white J-Card illustrated by Marco Deplano.

Excerpts from all tracks :

Vomir / Nascitari ‎- Sameness  - c6o  [ANGST / Signora Ward]

No particular introduction needed.
Vomir (fr) and Nascitari (it) are two of the few real masters of hnw . Together with The Rita, Ramirez and very few others, among those still delivering quality releases with personal research /  concepts (or no concepts) . Among those that spent years and years of true morbid obsession on sound,  leading each one to an unmistakable touch .

On our tape they join forces in two long slabs of total void and bleak crackling slow motion transcendence, for an hour of pure noise bliss.
9o copies


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