lunedì 10 novembre 2014

                     OUT :   DEPRIVATION / AUTOCANCRENA - split tape

► Two of the more gifted and blackest power electronics Acts around, finally together, sharing this split tape with two amazing sides and concepts.
Rough/crusty old school sounds in 4o minutes of nihilist pollutions: total black, no way out. The eternal lie of an ideal happiness and a so-called love, that slowly destroys lives; The repeated and continuous consumption of meat as consumption of soul, exhausting and illusory daily martyrdom, anticipating an inevitable Self-annihilation.

► 99 pro-printed black tapes. Heavy paper artwork + 3 cardboard extra cards: all drenched in pure despair.

► Co_ operation between ANGST, Diazepam & Scorze Records

 6 EU + SHIPPING (Many of them are reserved, act fast.)

___________ Excerpts


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